Monday, April 16, 2012

Sophia Hat Pattern

Lately I have been working on some simple little boy hats and a baby girl hat pattern using the shell stitch. Here is a little preview of the pattern written for a 3-6 month old. You can also purchase the full pattern which includes sizes preemie to adult. 

I love this hat, mostly because of the beautiful lacy texture and scalloped edges. I recommend using Caron Simply Soft yarn because - of course- it makes a very soft and wearable hat! Add a flower, ribbon, or creative appliqué to personalize your hat as well :)

Flower is not included in pattern - but there are many wonderful flower patterns out there that you can make to add to your hat!

Everyone around me seems to be popping out babies and the one thing I love about knitting and crocheting for babies is soft and snuggly yarn! The only problem I have with baby yarn is how horrible the colors are - I'm not a big fan of pastels and I don't like colorful yarn that isn't soft.

I was very excited about making this little Hangbaby by Brittmarie Rosendahl but unfortunately the pattern is not in English! How cute is he though?

Baby Girl Shell Stitch Hat - 3-6 Months

Recommended: Caron Simply Soft or any worsted (Medium 4) yarn.
Using an I/9 (5.50mm) hook

Approximately 16" Circumference, 6" Height

Magic loop 12 dc OR ch 3 and 12 dc in second ch from hook, join with slip stitch in top of first dc.
Row 1: ch 2, 2dc in each dc around, join with slip stitch in first dc (24 stitches)
Row 2: ch 2, *1 dc in first, 2 dc in second dc, repeat from * and join with slip stitch in first dc (36 stitches)
Row 3: ch 3, *5 dc in first dc, skip 2 dc, repeat from *, join with slip stitch in first dc (12 shells)
Rows 4-12: ch 3, 5 dc in first dc, skip 4, *5 dc in next dc, skip 4, repeat from * around, join with slip stitch in first dc
Row 13: ch 1, slip stitch in each dc around, join with slip stitch in first, tie off

(10 rows of shells)
Weave ends into hat with a yarn needle needle.



  1. It would be helpful If you noted what guage the Caron yarn is so it can be adapted to other yarns and needles if needed. Thanks

  2. i found a mathematical formula for making the proper size hat no matter what size yarn or hook you're using. simply take the end circumference you want and divide it by 3.14 (pi) what you end up with is how big of a diameter you want on your increasing rounds. for example: a 14" newborn hat ends up with approximately a 4" diameter. simply stop increasing when you're around 4" and start the shells and continue until you have the desired length. works perfectly every time. the blog i found it on is

    hope that helps

  3. Thank you for your suggestion! The pattern has been updated to include the yarn weight of my recommended Caron Simply Soft yarn.

  4. I just made this and I don't know what happened but it did not turn out good :( I followed the pattern exactly, used the same hook, I did use a different yarn, Red Heart, but it turned out SO BIG!!! Like even big for an adult big :(

  5. Thank you for offering this free pattern!! I love how the hat turned out - I used a different yarn - because all we have around here is RHSS - But with the type I used (Heather Gray) it still turned out pretty soft!! I have added a picture (and this pattern) to my projects on Ravelry!! Jessicali =]

  6. Is there a reason why the baby pattern is free but then the adult pattern is $5? I don't understand that.

  7. The full pattern contains 6 different sizes from newborn to adult. :) It takes time and a process of trial and error to develop a pattern across many different sizes.

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